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The services we offer include

Data recovery

Is your data being backed up? Don’t let a hard drive failure inform you that you should have backed up when it was healthy. We can provide you with backup solutions so that you can rest easy knowing that your precious data is protected against system failure.

Virus and Malware Removal

Got a virus? Got an annoying piece of malware that won’t let you use your computer? Our award winning internet security solutions coupled with our expertise in removing malwaree from your system will ensure a safe and enjoyable online experience for you and your family. Furthermore, our internet security software can also provide parental controls by blocking websites that can be harmful to your kids.


Is your computer broken? Our on-site technicians will come to you and provide you with a cost effective solution to get you back up and running again in a short space of time.


Computer running slow? Often the most effective solutions to a slow computer are the cheapest. Our upgrades will have your computer running at maximum efficiency again so that you don’t have to waste your precious time and money waiting for applications and websites to load.

Software and Hardware Support

We support a wide variety of hardware and software to ensure that you can get working sooner.


Got a new PC which you’re not sure how to use? Then our training services are for you! We will come to you, and show you how to get what you want, out of your PC.

Linux, Windows and Mac Services

We provide support for all of your devices. These include Windows, Linux and Mac, as well as Android and Windows 8 tablets.

Webmaster Services

Need a website? Do you have a website which needs improving? We will come to you, and meet with you and provide you with at least two sketch up designs to consider. When you choose a design you like, we will head back to our office and create it in accordance with any requirements you may have. Following your final approval, we will create, upload and publish a Google-friendly site loaded with search keywords to your hosting provider for the whole world to see. Finally, we will submit your site to Google and MSN/Bing so that you can be found online.